News from La Terrazza del Pozzo

Historical Town closed to vehicular traffic

From 16 February 2018 you will not be able to access the historical town of Cefalù with cars, motorcycles or other. Only residents with a special pass will have access in certain time slots. The traffic will be controlled by electronic gates operating 24 hours a day, and will automatically be elevated penalties to offenders.



Closing april

We inform our customers that, due to renovation of the neighbouring building (on the right side outside), it was necessary to grant the use of a part of the terrace to mount the scaffold, and in order to do this we had to block the dates of april.


Cefalù click 2016

This photo (in the background clearly visible “la Terrazza”…) he win the competition for the photo of the year «Cefalù click 2016». Photo by Danila Saja.

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Season 2015

Thanks to all guests of the 2015 season, who have chosen to spend their vacation at the Terrace del POZZO.

Directions parking

Parking daily subscription fee.

In the all streets one side parking is with ticket hours, while the other side is restricted to residents with a pass.